Guess the Spice Game
Supplies: 10 or more spices, paper/covers to wrap around the spices, pen and paper and noses

This is a fun bridal shower game, but it can also be played at housewarming parties to especially if they love to cook. The Guess the Spice game originated out of the old fashioned idea that a woman should be knowledgeable in the kitchen and know how to cook. While this stereotype is outdated, we think it is helpful for the bride and groom to know how to cook and even adding a Guess the Spice game variation for couples wedding showers.

Guess the Spice Game Rules, Prep & Play
a. Get 10-15 different spices. (Cinnamon, nutmeg, rosemary…).

b. Now grab a sheet of paper and pencil to create the master answer sheet. Place numbers 1 through the number of spices you have for the game. Randomly take the first spice, write down the name of the spice in one of the numbers on the sheet. Then cover the spice container with paper so the name and contents are can not be seen. Once done, then write the number you assigned to that spice to the outside of the container. We found writing the numbers on stickers and then placing the stickers on the container was easiest. It is also helpful to have the number on the table in front of the spice.

c. Once all of the spices have be assigned a number, create your game sheet. Your Guess the Spice game sheet should include a place for guests to put their name and then a numbers for the spices and a blank space beside the number. Print out one sheet per player.

d. Game set up place the spices on a table / counter top area, 2-3 feet apart if possible. You’ll want space between them so players are not on top of each other smelling a guessing spice. One way to make the game work better is to have 3 or 4 players go at a time and have them start at different spices. This way they can move about, smell and easily write their answer without someone looking over their shoulder. Another option, if limited for space, is to have the guests seated and pass the spices around the group.

e. Hand out Guess the Spice game sheets, pens, and let them know that they are going to go around to the spice bottles, point to the spices, sniff them, and then write down what the spice is.

f. Once everyone has sniffed and guessed the spices, it is time to reveal the spices and score the answers. Trade sheets and  announce the number, ask if anyone knows what it is and then reveal the spice. Once the scores are tallied, give a prize to the guest who got the most right and give the spices to the bride.

Guess the Spice Couples – Wedding Shower Game Variation
In this version, instead of the guests trying to guess the spices, the bride and groom are doing the guessing. This is a lot of fun as you can discover who is King or Queen of the kitchen.

a. Get 2 whiteboards, pens and whiteboard erasers, 1 for the bride and the other for the groom.

b. Cover up the spices and number them as noted above. You can record which spice it is prior to play, but it is not needed and you’ll see why below.

c. Have the bride and groom stand in front of the group and give them the whiteboards. Let them know they are going to play Guess the Spice. They will be able to sniff the spice and then pass it to their partner. Then they will write down what they believe the the spice is on the whiteboard. Don’t let the other person see what they wrote.

d. When both are done guessing, the game host asks if either of them know the spice and they reveal their answers. Then slip off the cover to show the spice. A correct answer gets 1 point, incorrect 0 points.

e. Play the most correct answer wins or play to the first person to get 5 or 7 correct wins.

If is often a blast to see what answers they come up with for the spices and sometimes they even make words up!