Who Wants to Be a Bridal Shower Millionaire
Supplies: 10-15 progressively difficult questions, answers from the bride, pen and paper

This is a unique spin on Who Know the Bride / Bride & Groom game, that uses elements of “Who wants to be a Millionaire” to make the game interesting and fun. Plus, the prize should scratch off lottery tickets where winner can win a million dollars, so they could truly become a millionaire.

Who Wants to Be a Bridal Shower Millionaire Game Prep & Play
First come up with 15 questions about the bride and the groom that will lead to stories about the future couple. Then, get the correct answers from the bride and groom add make up 3 incorrect answers for each question. Before you play, organize the questions from easy to difficult.

Question Examples:
1. Where did the couple meet?
2. The couples favorite restaurant is?
3. Who makes the coffee in the morning?
4. How many days has the bride been engaged?
5. What are the sum of the year the bride was born + the day of the month she was born on + the age of the groom?

This game is often played before opening gifts, as this helps bring everyone together. Once everyone has gathering around hand out a set of letters to each person that include a. b. c. d and let them know that you are going to play Who Wants to be a Bridal Shower Millionaire.

Let the guests know that you are going to read a question and then the guests will select what they believe the answer is using the a. b. c. and d cards. Note, some questions will have two answers and use a & b, while others will have four and use a, b, c & d.

Important Note: Guests will select their answer and will only show the answer when the game host says, “Reveal your answer.” In the past we had people put up the answer right away and what tends to happen is that people copy the answer. By asking everyone to answer at the same time, no one can copy other people.

To begin the game read the 1st question and give the answers. Allow 10 – 15 seconds and read the question again and then wait about 5 seconds and say “Ready, Reveal your answer.”

Once guests reveal your answer, turn to the bride to be a say the answer is… and the bride reveals the correct answer.

Those who got the answer correct remain in the game and those who got it incorrect are out of the game.

Now move on to the next question and repeat the process. The game continues as fewer and fewer people are left in the game. We recommend that that you have a mix of 2 and 4 answer questions, so that you don’t lose everybody right away. Just remember that the questions should start to get more difficult once your get to the 6, 7 and 8.

Continue playing until you have a winner. If all the remaining players are eliminated during the same round, then those players remain in the game and another question is asked. If the game ends with a tie, then you’ll need a tie-breaker.

Tie-breaker ideas:
How many people are expected at the wedding?
How many miles is it from the bride’s hometown to the groom’s hometown?

Recommended Prize for this Game – Lottery Tickets!!! So they could become Millionaires!