Printable Finish the Bride’s Phrase

Match these 22 Wedding Related Phrases to the Bride to Win

Finish the Bride’s Phrase is the what is she thinking / match her answer game that sounds so easy, until you play it. Oh course the bride-to-be is going to write “Wedding gown,” unless she writes, “Wedding dress” or “Wedding ceremony” or “Wedding vows.” It’s so easy to play and yet it is not.

We have seen other Finish the Phrase games and they are pretty much all the same, we mixed things up by allowing the fill in the blank to be before and after words which makes the game more interesting. Plus if you want to make things harder, just let guests know they can only use a word once on the entire sheet. They cannot fill in “Wedding” for vows, toast and dress. They can only choose one!

Printable Finish the Bride’s Phrase
Enjoy trying to read the bride’s mind while playing Finish the Bride’s Phrase. This printable game includes 22 wedding related phrases that the bride and guests must finish. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Printable Finish the Bride's Phrase - Bridal Shower GamesFinish the Bride’s Phrase Game
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Finish the Bride’s Phrase / What’s She Thinking  game works for bridal showers and bridesmaids meetings as a fun activity. This game is part of our 7 Game Printable Bridal Shower Party Pack.

Party Game Ideas Finish the Bride’s Phrase is a silly and fun bridal shower game that works for all ages, just be sure that if there are younger attendees at the shower that guests write in clean answers. This is a great game to play once everyone has arrived as it really get you thinking about the wedding and it is fun to see who matches the most answers. Will it be her mom, maid of honor, co-worker and a sibling?

Finish the Bride’s Phrase will take about 3 – 5 minutes for guests to complete and between 12 – 15 minutes to review the answers and score. We recommend that you plan for 25 – 30 minutes for this game at your shower. If your is extremely social and shares a lot of stories, you might want to add 5 more minutes.

If you feel that Finish the Bride’s Phrase might be to tame or easy for your group, then you might want to consider Who Knows the Bachelorette that has more focused answers and is a little more personal. This printable game is made for adults, so don’t play if there are kids around.  Other games that might work for your shower would be Guess Who Bride & Groom and Ask the Groom game.

We hope you enjoy the uniqueness of our printable Finish the Bride’s Phrase game and have a great Bridal Shower.