Printable Who Knows the Bachelorette Game

20 Questions about sex, her future husband, the couples courtship and more – Find out how wild your Bachelorette is with this party game.

Our Who Knows the Bachelorette game is a great way to get your Bachelorette party started. This game is about the bride-to-be her future husband and in many cases questions about sex. If the bachelorette is shy and embarrasses easily, then consider a tamer Who Knows the Bride game that is more PG.

Our Who Knows the Bachelorette game is a social game that will have the bride and guests answering questions about the bride-to-be. The real fun begins as you go over the answers, see if you got it correct and learn about why she loves the groom and fun facts about her life. This bachelorette game is a great sharing stories game among friends and sometimes family.

Printable Who Knows the Bachelorette
Party Game Ideas Who Knows the Bachelorette has 20 great questions for the bride-to-be and party game instructions. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

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Who Knows the Bachelorette is the perfect ice-breaker game get the night started. Questions range the bride-to-be’s favorite body part of the groom (a sweet question) to At what age did she lose her virginity (oh, snap! we are going to hear some great stories). If you were expecting us to ask, what color are the bride-to-be’s eyes or what is her favorite restaurant, you were wrong. This is a bachelorette party, we ask fun nice questions but deep naughty ones to keep things spicy.

Party Game Ideas Who Knows the Bachelorette game is made up of a few yes / no questions, questions about the groom and questions about her that range from sex to personal like and facts. Our Bachelorette party questions are varied to mix things up so you’ll get a light hearted question about the bride to be followed by a questions that is more interesting and should result in sharing a story or a special moment. This type of game structure allows for a nice mix of socialization, laughter and fun.

Some bachelorette / hen parties use a printable Who Knows the Bachelorette as an ice-breaker and drinking game where if you get the answer wrong you drink. We don’t have a preference as to how you play it, the game is fun and easy to place and best played in a place where you can hear the answers, so we recommend you play Who Knows the Bachelorette prior to heading out to the bars or clubs.