Pin the Private Parts on the Man
Supplies: Large photo of a guy (nude or in underwear), a bunch of dicks, tape, blindfold

This is the Bachelorette party version of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but the tail is replaced with penises / dicks and the donkey is a hot guy. In the past, we suggested that you get a Playgirl centerfold to play this game, but since they no longer publish the magazine it is no longer an option.

We will showcase games you can purchase online like Pin the Macho on the Man & Pin the Hose on the Fireman and provide DIY options for Pin the Dick on the Man.

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The Pin the Hose, Macho, Torpedo games are great for bachelorette parties. While the game is silly, when we played it everyone had a blast enjoyed the hot guy in the picture. We played Pin the Macho on the Man.

However there is one thing to note about these games, the penises are not real looking. They are cartoon style drawings of dicks.  Just FYI – I you want real dicks for these games, you’ll need to print and cut out your own.

Here are a variety of Pin the Dick on the Man games for Bachelorette parties. If possible try to match the guy to the husbands occupation, so if he was in the Navy get the sailor and so forth.

DIY Pin the Private Parts on the Man Game Prep
a. You’ll need a poster or drawing of a hot guy (about 24 inches high by 15 inches wide – is our suggested minimum) and then need to get images off dicks or at least one dick at a minimum. Note: We searched for a poster for this game and didn’t have much luck and finding dick pics, well that can lead you to some scary sites. It appears easier to purchase a game than to create your own but that is your option. 
b. Once you have poster / drawing, you’ll need to identify where the dick target is – basically where should the ladies be aiming for. You can have an outline of a penis or draw target circles around the area so there is a dead center spot.
c. You will need to create or have one dick for each player and having several extra is recommended. Rather than using real pics of dicks, consider a clipart one as you don’t want to gross anyone out.
d. Now place the poster on a wall or door, mark a spot on the floor about 6 feet away, lay out your dicks on a table, and have a blindfold within reach.

How to Play Pin the Private Parts on the Man
a. Each player stands on the spot facing the poster of the guy and are told that they are going to try to place the dick on the poster as close to the target as possible.
b. The player is handed their dick, which should have their name on it and tape or tacky putty, and blindfolded.
c. The player is spun around 3 times and then pointed in the direction of the poster.
d. The player then slowly walks towards the poster and when they are within arms reach are told to stop, and extend their arm to pin the dick/penis on the man.
e. After they place the dick on the poster, the blindfold is removed and the next player takes their turn.
f. The player who pins their dick closest to where the target is wins.