Bachelorette Man of Your Dreams Game
Supplies: Male blow up doll, various men’s clothes and a camera

Inflatable male dolls are silly, yet they can be very entertaining at the bachelorette party and after this game you’ll have a fun guest for your bachelorette party.

Man of Your Dreams Game Preparation & Play
a. Get a male blow up doll and an assortment of guys clothes. Prior to the game blow up the male doll and learn what size clothes fit this doll. Then see is you can find a guy with spare clothes that could be used for the game. You’ll need several shirts, pants, a belt, hat and even socks!

b. Now, blow up the male doll and lay out various clothes. If you want to add some extra laughs include underwear various boxers, briefs etc… Try to get a variety of clothes so that the doll can have a lots of different looks.

c. Now each guest is told to dress the blow up doll as the Man of their Dreams, using the clothes that are supplied. Each person will have 2 or 3 minutes to dress the doll and then must take a selfie posing with the man of their dreams. Then they undress the blow up doll and the next player dresses him.

d. Once they take the selfie, they send it to the bachelorette and she then chooses her favorite Man of her Dreams!

e. Now dress the inflatable male doll as her favorite men of her dreams and head out on the town with your new favorite guy!

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