DIY Easter Bingo
Supplies: Computer, Paper, printer, pens, large list of Easter items

For many holidays we offer colorful printable Bingo games, however we don’t have one for you. We did create a simple Easter Bingo frame that you can use to create your in the time being. This saves you a lot of time in creating your Bingo game. Just print as many sheets as you need. You’ll want 1 per guest. See Easter frame below:

On another sheet of paper come up with a list of 50 – 75 Easter related items. Guest will use the items on the Easter List to fill in their Easter Bingo squares prior to the start of the game.

Ideas can include Easter Bunny, chicks, chocolate Easter egg, Easter basket, bonnet, Cadbury Eggs, Peeps, Iris, Lily, hardboiled egg, Easter egg hunt and of course Easter Eggs but include colors as well so you can come up with 75 items (Orange, red, blue, green, purple, pink, violet, brown, etc…), Before you play you need to have each guest randomly fill in their 24 blank spaces with items on the list in any order.

Once everyone is done, tell guests to trade Bingo cards when another guest. This will catch people off guard and ask that person to check to make sure that the cards has all the spaces are filled in properly. Then exclaim that it is best to hand the card back to the owners, because it is difficult to read the handwriting.

Now take one page of the list of Easter items and cut it so that one item is listed per slip of paper. Once cut fold once and place each slip of paper in a hat or bowl.

Start Easter Bingo
One at a time pull a piece of paper from the hat or bowl and read the Easter item listed, those that have the item can cover it a penny, buttons or any markers you are using. Continue playing until someone has either a complete row across, down or diagonal. When they have a complete row of Easter items they yell Bingo!

Have a helper go to the card, announce the Bingo squares, confirm them, if they don’t have a Bingo resume play until another Bingo, but if they get a BINGO congratulate the Winner with a prize.

Click for printing DIY Easter Bingo Frame
Blank Easter Bingo Card - DIY Bingo
Print Easter Bingo card in color or black and white.

Have fun with Easter Bingo and Happy Easter!

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