Easter Egg Toss
Supplies: Easter Eggs (hard boiled eggs), space – best if outdoors

A simple but fun game to play on Easter after the eggs are found but before you eat them. Boys seems to really enjoy this game and the challenge involved.

This can be played by two people or teams of two people.

You start by having each team stand facing each other about 2-3 feet apart. One player on each team is given a hard boiled Easter Egg. That player must then toss the Easter Egg to their teammate and then their teammate must toss it back without each team member dropping the Easter Egg.

If each team completes the Easter Egg tosses without dropping the egg then each team takes ½ a step backwards so that the distance between the players increases and they toss the Easter Egg again.

You continue to toss the Easter Eggs back and forth until one team drops the Easter Egg on their toss. If one team drops the Easter Egg and the other team does not drop the Easter Egg. Then the team with the successful tosses wins. If you have 3 or more teams, teams are eliminated once they don’t catch the egg.

If both teams dropped the Easter Egg once each then each team must re-toss their eggs from that spot and continue backing up after successful tosses until one team wins.

If however one team dropped the egg twice on a toss and the other team dropped their egg once then the team who dropped their egg the fewest times wins the game.

Basically – if you can always catch the Easter Eggs you’ll win.