Easter Egg Treasure Hunt
Supplies: Story, clues, Easter eggs and other treasure

Tired of just placing eggs around the room? Well, take the Easter Egg hunt to the next level by adding clues that lead kids to the next egg. (Some people do Easter Egg Treasure Hunts that lead to their kids Easter baskets!)

For fun create a story about how the Easter Bunny lost his Eggs. Here is one Party Game Ideas created.

“The Easter Bunny was on his way to hide the Easter eggs but when he got to the Easter baskets he looked back end the eggs were gone. It appears his buddy, Squabbles the Squirrel, had been following the Easter Bunny and one by one hiding the eggs so he could have them all to himself.

One thing the Easter Bunny knew about Squabbles was that his memory was so poor that he had to write down notes to remember where things were. So the Easter Bunny retraced his steps and searched to find one of Squabbles notes so he could find the eggs. After looking high and low, the Easter Bunny had no luck, he couldn’t find the Easter Eggs.

So the Easter Bunny decided to leave this note, so maybe you can find where Squabbles hide the Easter Eggs.

I am sorry there are no eggs in your Easter basket but Squabbles the Squirrel hide them all. The last time I saw Squabbles the Squirrel he was (add a location in your home) by the big chair in the living room. Please look around that area to see if Squabbles left any clues as to where the eggs might be.”

This will then get your kids off and hunting for the hidden Easter Eggs.

Once the Easter egg story is complete, now you will need to do the leg work and create a series of clues that lead the kids from egg to egg. You can make the clues easy or difficult based on the age of the kids. And you can try and write them in a squirrel’s point of view if you use the Squabbles story.

Remember egg clue should lead to one or more eggs. Note if you have 3 kids on the Easter Egg Treasure Hunt then place 3 eggs at each location so each child gets one. Also each location of Easter Eggs should have another clue lading to the next group of eggs. You can do as many clues as you want, however we recommend doing at least 8 clues.

At some point you will need to find Squabble’s Big Easter Egg Stash, which includes lots of eggs, candy and maybe some toys. The kids can then split up the Easter Egg Stash!

This is a fun and different way to hold an Easter Egg Hunt and its fun make up the clues too.

Need help creating your clues then consider these Easter Egg Treasure Hunt or Basket Hunt clues. This site has over 1,000 clues and they offer helpful ideas too.

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