Easter Egg Relay Races
Supplies: Easter eggs, spoons

So all the Easter Eggs have been found. So what offer fun can the kids have with Easter eggs, well an Easter Egg relay race of course.

Use hard boiled eggs or plastic eggs for this relay race. You’ll need to decide on a starting point and a finish line or a second line for a relay race.

Easter Egg Relay Race Prep
1. Get plastic Easter eggs or you can use hard boiled eggs. You’ll need at least 1 per team, but have a few extra.
2. Set a starting line and place a chair 15 – 20 feet from the starting line. You will need a lane for each team (about 3-4 feet wide), so 1 obstacle per lane. So if you have 3 teams, you’ll need three lanes and three chairs.
3. Decide how many teams per race, two is preferred but you can play with three. Note you can always have several races, that way everyone can play.
4. Divide your guest into teams. We like having 4-8 people per team.

How to Play Egg Relay Race
1. Have the teams line up in their lane behind the starting line and hand the first player on each team a spoon and an egg.
2. Instruct them that when the game starts, they must place the egg on the spoon, walk with the spoon in one hand down to the chair, go around the chair, and return to the starting line without dropping the egg. If they drop the Easter egg, they must retrieve it, return to the starting line and begin again until they complete the task.
3. Once a player completes the task and returns to the starting line, they then hand the spoon and egg to the next team member in line and then they must complete their portion of the Easter Egg Relay Race.
4. The first team to have all members off their team complete the relay Wins.


Easter Egg Relay Race Variations & Game Ideas

1. Not enough players for a Easter Egg Relay Race?
Use chairs and make an obstacle course where players must weave around the obstacles while keeping the Easter egg on the spoon. Record each players time with a stopwatch and see who can get the fast time after three tries.

2. Increase the difficulty of the Easter Egg Relay
a. Add more obstacles to go around or/and increase the length of the playing area.
b. (Use with plastic eggs and not recommended for under 10 years of age.) Each player is given a plastic spoon and player must place it in their mouth instead of their hand.

3. Spoon Forward & Walk It Back
Players carry the egg on the spoon to the chair, but once they get there they must place the egg between their legs and walk back to the starting line without dropping the egg. Watching players waddle back is entertaining, fun and difficult.
This tends to work best with hard boiled eggs, if you are using plastic eggs just check to make sure that they stay together.

These Easter Egg Relay Races are one party games that are challenging for kids, families and adults. So don’t just sit on the sidelines join in the relay fun.