Easter Corners
Supplies: Music, Easter images and a room with corners

The classic pick a corner game is easy to adapt for Easter. Easter Corners is fun for all ages and perfect for classrooms, Sunday school or before an Easter egg hunt just make minor adjustments to the game to match your needs.

Easter Corners Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need a room or space with 4 corners and 4 images / pictures that relate to Easter.
b. Image ideas: Easter egg, bunny, basket and a second colored egg or select religious images Palm leaf, cross, Jesus and the Bible.
c. Place one Easter image in each of the four corners.
d. Let the players know that when the music plays they can move around, however once the music stops they need to proceed to one of the four corners.
e. Once the players have selected a corner, the music operator pulls out one of the four images from a hat and those player standing in that corner are eliminated from the game.
f. Then start the music back up, mingle and repeat the process.
(Note: The Easter image you pulled from the hat is returned before the music starts again.)

Play until there is one winner or a group of 2-3 winners.
If everybody chooses the same corner and they are all eliminated, everybody gets to play again.

Tip: When you get to 9 or fewer players, remove an image from the game.

Kids, families and adults enjoy playing this Easter game as the winner is totally random. Kids enjoy playing several times, so it is great whether you have 10 or 30 minutes to work with.