Easter & Spring Charades & Pictionary Game Cards

80 Easter & Spring Charade Cards for kids, families and adults.

Easter and Spring offers great opportunities for friends, family and groups to gather together and celebrate. Well our Easter Charades can help add some fun to your event and get people off their phones.

Originally we were going to create just Easter Charades / Pictionary but we ran into two issues. One many of the holiday phrases include Easter, egg, or bunny and two there are religious Easter terms in addition to bunny and egg terms. As a result, we came a with a mix of 20 generic Easter terms that are related to Easter, 20 Easter terms that focus on Jesus and church and 40 Spring charade cards that include everything from March Madness to Tiptoe through the Tulips. The mix keeps the game fresh and makes sure that people don’t yell “Easter Egg” every turn.

Printable Easter & Spring Charades
Our Easter / Spring Charades has 80 charade cards and 7 blank cards so you can add your own charades. Just purchase, the PDF file will be emailed to you, print, cut out cards and get ready to play. Adobe needed to print file.

80 Easter Charades - Spring Charades GameEaster & Spring Charades & Pictionary
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Our Spring & Easter Charades is perfect for family gatherings, after decorating Easter eggs, church groups – Sunday school, friends after brunch and any group of adults.

We think you’ll enjoy this charades game because the non-Easter cards through everyone off and players can’t be thinking about bunnies, eggs, Easter, plus we have weave in some unique actions and related terms that will make the game interesting and challenging.

An add bonus is that Spring / Easter Charades game also can be played Pictionary style too, as a drawing game. So while you may purchase it for charades, you can use it for several types of party games and use the Spring Charades after Easter.

Party Game Ideas created Easter / Spring Charades because we could not find a diverse list of Easter charades online. Our party game is fun for families and friends and it offers something different to do on Easter or during Spring Break.

Our Easter / Spring Charades game is recommended for kids 8 and older. There are about 50-60 charades that should work for those between 8 and 10. We recommend that you go through the charades and pull any that might be to difficult for your group.

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