Bunny Hop Balloon Relay Race
Supplies: Small round balloons, 2 laundry baskets (basket) or buckets, active kids

The Bunny Hop Balloon Race is an easy and fun Easter game that can be played by teams as a relay race or just by two kids.

First find some small pastel balloons and then get a 2 laundry basket or bucket. At one end place the start line and the blown up balloons and at the other end place the laundry baskets.

Divide up the teams and have each team form a line.
– When you Say GO!
– The first member of each team will place a balloon between their knees and hop down to the laundry basket where they must drop the balloon into the basket.
– If the balloon falls to the ground at any time from the start line to the basket then that player must return to the start line with their balloon and go again.
– If the balloon pops, then the player must return to the start line grab another balloon and go again.
– Before the game decide whether to play to a designate number of balloons in the basket like 10 or more or decide whether to play until each player places 1, 2 or 3 balloons in the basket. If the teams are uneven have one child go again.

We suggest you have extra balloons for the game, just in case a lot break.

If you just two kids are playing Bunny Hop Balloon Race for fun, like a brother and sister, then create a pile of balloon and then have the kids play the game by seeing how many balloons they can get in the basket in 2 minutes. Most in wins and if there is a tie they can play again.

Not Hard Enough? Then try these options
– Instead of balloons have them use Easter Eggs then hop or waddle to the basket
– Outdoors and warm weather – Use water balloons and then waddle or hop to a bucket.

Thanks – Cory

Bunny Hop Balloon Variation – Single Player
Don’t have enough people for teams, then play this Balloon Hopping game by having each player get all their balloons in the basket first or fastest time if you only have one laundry basket.