Bachelorette Dare List 
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Our Bachelorette Dares printable game takes the Bachelorette scavenger hunt up a level by challenging the bride-to-be to break out of their shell and completed these Dares! Our Bachelorette dare ideas range from friendly bar fun to a little naughty and mischievous.

The Bachelorette Dare List – I Dare You game is geared towards the bride-to-be completing the dares.  Whether she is a little shy or wild, she will should have fun trying to complete these dares that range from photo bombing strangers, getting sex advice, dancing sexy and getting fun pics with hot guys before the night is over. You may not get all 31 of our Bachelorette Dares completed and that is ok, just have fun trying!

Printable Bachelorette Dare List
Party Game Ideas Bachelorette Dare checklist has 31 Dares for the Bride-to-be. Game instructions and options are included so you can either focus on the bride completing the tasks or play with teams. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Bachelorette Dares - Dare Checklist for Bachelorette Parties, Bar GamesBachelorette Dares
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Bachelorette Dare List – I Dare You game is the perfect bar game that will keep everyone at the bachelorette or hen party entertained. Each member of the bachelorette party can rally around the bride-to-be to help her complete the list and have fun. While the bachelorette will be challenged to meet and ask them to do stuff, her girlfriends can help in the cause by finding guys or convincing a few guys to help complete the dares on the sheet. There are challenges for every bride, some are sweet and simple and others are a little bold and embarrassing, but with her girls with her on this special night we know that anything is possible.

Party Game Ideas Dare List game ranks the Dares in three categories based on how difficult or how embarrassing they may be. Basic and slightly challenging dares are worth 5 pts., harder dares are 10pts., and the most difficult or embarrassing dares to so are worth 15 pts. The point system comes into play if you play with two or more teams, but you can also score how your Bachelorette by adding up all the Dares she does.

The Higher her score the more wild her wedding night will be:
Under 149 points. She’s likely to be asleep before midnight
150 – 199 points. Expected a mildly wild night with a few surprises
200 – 249 points. Oh my, oh my, oh my, it’s getting hot in here. Hot & Passionate Night.
Over 250 points. Ride ’em Cowboy – She and her groom might break the bed before the morning comes!

Our Bachelorette Dare checklist is varied and fun, one thing to note is we don’t have a lot of kissing Dares, only two and those can be pretty harmless. We want the night to be fun for your bride-to-be and the guys & bar patrons that assist you with the dares. We ask that you have fun, uber, stay together as a group and take care of your bachelorette.

We provide bride and team play, but we recommend trying to get the bride to do the dares rather than teams since it divides the group. However we know people can be competitive and sometimes that can be a blast too.

We hope you purchase and enjoy our Hen / Bachelorette Dares game and make great memories with the bride-to-be.

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