Printable Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence Game
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Friends from college, work and family are about to gather to take the bachelorette our for her last fling before the ring. Well why not get the Bachelorette Party started with a social game that focuses on the night ahead.

Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence is a game where the bride-to-be completes phrases that generally apply to the nights activities and her friends and family try to guess how she will answer them. How would she answer, “I might flash my ____,” boobs, underwear, ring or id? That question and 15 others will help get your bachelorette party attendees mingling and having fun.

Printable Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence
Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence is a great ice-breaker game to start your bachelorette party started. It is a fun, social game to play once every one arrives or if you are waiting on 1 or 2 people in your group. This printable bachelorette game includes 16 Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentences and instructions. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. You will need Adobe to print the file.

Printable Finish the Bachelorettes Sentence GameFinish the Bachelorette’s Sentence
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Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence game is perfect for the night of the Bachelorette party. The game asks questions about the bride-to-be’s expectations for the Bachelorette party.

Party Game Ideas Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence, aka Finish the Bachelorette’s Phrase, is a printable game focused on the evening of the bachelorette party. It is an easy and fun match game where the bride fills in the answers to the sentences and the quests try to determine how she will answer. It has a Cards Against Huminty / Apples to Apples aspect to it as you are trying to think how the bachelorette will answer the question.

Our Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence game prints out at 8 x 11, but you can always use the Multiple feature on your printer to print 2 two games per sheet. Just list page one twice (1,1) when printing. (This should work in most cases.)

What we like most about Finish the Bachelorette’s Phrase / Sentence is that it is a great way to get everyone thinking about the events of the night and to get people talking and socializing as the answers are reviewed. We encourage you to get people to share their answers before the bride revels hers as it makes it more fun to hear what your girlfriends are thinking. Plus if she says that she doesn’t want to do or drink something, well then know you can avoid it or try to get her to do it.

We hope you enjoy our printable Finish the Bachelorette’s Sentence game and get the Bachelorette party started with fun.