Suck for a Buck – Bachelorette Game
Supplies: T-shirt, candy, guys with $1 or $5’s

This is a classic Bachelorette night activity.

Suck for a Buck isn’t as dirty as it sounds, but it is fun and it can be adventurous and great way to socialize when out at the bars. Get a t-shirt and sew or attach life savers or candies with holes in them to the t-shirt. Then go out the bars and have guys pay a $1 or $5 to suck the candy off the shirt.

Depending where the candy is located, Suck for a Buck can be quite a game. You can scatter them all over or evenly around the shirt. No matter where they go, this game will be entertaining.

Other variations use candy necklaces around the neck, bracelets around the wrist or a suck for a buck bib.

We recommend that you have might want to have an extra t-shirt just in case it gets ripped or damaged.

Suck for a Buck Variation
Instead of placing the candies on a shirt create a lollipop bouquet of “suckers” (lollipops). This keeps drunk guys off the bachelorette, which can be a good thing.

Suck for a Buck Bouquets often use Blow Pops and task the brie-to-be to sell (get guys to buy them) them all before a certain time or face a consequence or penalty or nothing. You decide – just make it fun!


Suck for a Buck is a fun game but how do you find guys to spend a dollar to suck for a buck?

Well here are a few tips for the bachelorette party.
Look for guys that are drinking, laughing and smiling. Groups of guys will help encourage a guy or two in the group to suck off a piece of candy for a buck.

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