Pecker Straw Drink Off Game
Supplies: Penis straws, cups and drinks (often beer)

This is a fun and silly drinking game that will have guests drinking through a pecker straw as quickly as possible.

Pecker Straw Drink Off has a standard set up:
Each player gets the same amount of beer in a cup and must drink the beverage through the penis straw.

There are several ways to play Pecker Straw Drink Off

1. Individual Players
Each guest is given a cup with a penis straw in it and when the bride-to-be says go, each player quickly drinks the beverage as fast as they can. First one to finish wins.

2. Pecker Straw Drink Off Relay
This is often played at a table, cups are placed on the table and teams are lined up across from each other. Divide your group into 2 teams and set the game up so there is one drink per player. The when the bride-to-be says go, the first team member of each team drinks their drink as quickly as possible. Once the first person finishes their drink and places their cup on the table then the next person on the team goes. This process continues until the first team has everyone finish their drink.

This game can be made harder if you play that players can not use their hands to touch the cup.

3. Challenge – Relay
Take the Pecker Straw Drink Off hard by having each player complete a challenge before they can start drinking the drink through the penis straw. Challenges include bouncing a quarter into a cup, flipping a cup so it stands upright or any challenge you like. For this game, each player must complete the challenge and then their drink before the next player takes their turn. First time to finish wins.

These party supplies are perfect for Pecker Straw Drink Off!

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