Decorate the Man’s Private Parts
Supplies: Penis cake pans, cake mix, icing and food coloring and cake toppings, pen, paper

Planning to stay at home and want a game that is harmless yet totally out of the ordinary? Well Decorate the Man’s Private Parts is safe but just a little naughty game for your Bachelorette party.

First you have to prep and bake cakes in the penis cake mold. The good news is these molds come in various sizes so you can get a large one if you want to do groups or smaller ones everyone is going to decorate their own private parts cake.

Before you start decide on whether to play in teams or individuals. I prefer teams because groups of gals are sure to come up with something vary interesting.

Before you get to the cake decorating; ask everyone to write down on a piece of paper an adjective (descriptive term) that reflects the bachlorette party. Examples: wild, sexy, exotic…

Now before you begin tell the group that they will be decorating cakes and decorating them based on one of the words that was submitted by the guests. Then randomly pull out a term and announce it.

The goal is then to decorate the cake based on this term.
They will have 5 minutes to decorate their cake.
Tip: Don’t tell them what the cake is or looks like. Just let them think it will be a normal cake.

Now take the teams to their decorating stations or send groups into the kitchen on at a time to complete the cake. What is great is as soon as they walk in and see the cake they will crack up. It is even better if the bride thinks it is a normal cake as well.

Once all the cakes are all decorated the bachelorette will be asking to judge the Private Parts Cake and select which one best represent the theme of the cake decorating contest.

Then after a winner is chosen everyone can have their cake and eat it too.

These Penis Cake Pans will help get you started.

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