Stick It, Men’s Private Parts Relay Bachelorette Game
Supplies: Dildos or Plungers/Broomsticks, toilet paper rolls, optional – blindfolds

This bachelorette game has several names, like Stick It, Toilet Paper and Plunger game, Men’s Private Parts Relay and more, plus there are several was to play this game, so we’ve included game variations for you

Version 1. Stick It Game Prep & Play
a. Divide players into two person teams.
b. Team members will be spaced 10-12 feet apart and facing each other.
c. At one end, one team member will be given a plunger or a broom. They must place the plunger or broom between their legs so that the pole part of the plunger / broom is facing their teammate. The plunger represents a man’s dick. The player who holds the plunger / broom between her legs can adjust it up until the game begins, but once the game starts players can not touch the plunger / broom with the hands or they are out of the game.
d. Across from their teammate (10 feet away), players are given toll paper rolls. These rolls go between the players legs and once the game starts can not be touched by the players hands.
e. Try to have 3-5 teams go at once, if you have a lot of people do a few rounds and have winners play again in the finals.
f. When the Game Host or Bride says go. The player with the toilet paper roll must walk or waddle to their partner as fast as they can and Stick the toilet paper roll on the pole (plunger / broom).
g. FYI – The the player drops the plunger / broom that team is out of the game. If the player drops the toilet paper, they must pick it up, return to the start line, place the toilet paper between their legs and try again.
g. The first team to complete the task wins.

Version 1 – Variation
Harder Version – Instead of having the person with the toilet paper come toward the person with the plunger/broom, reverse it and have them go to the toilet paper roll. This makes the game harder as they must make sure they keep the plunger up and don’t drop it. Plus they must Stick It in the hole to win!

Version 2. Stick It – Toilet Paper Roll Game Prep & Play
a. In this version, you’ll need to place the plunger / broom between your legs and see how many toilet paper rolls fit on it. For plungers it will be two or three and brooms it could be 3 to 5 rolls.
b. Now instead of making teams of 2, you’ll want one more person on the team than rolls of toilet paper that can fit on the plunger / broom. So if the plunger holds 2 rolls of toilet paper, there are 3 people on the team, 3 rolls then 4 people per team.
c. Game play is the same as above. One person broom, another toilet paper and 10 feet apart.
d. The difference is that once the first person completes the task of Stick It on the plunger / broom and moving out of the way so it can be verified. Then the next player on their team goes. Once that person is done, then the next player goes and so on until the last person completes the task.
e. The first team to complete the task wins.
f. PENALTY – If during the game the person hold the plunger / broom lets a toilet paper roll slip off the pole then the previously player who carried the roll before must grab it and return to the team line to Stick It once again.

Version 2 – Variation
Again reverse the action and have the person plunger go to the women with the toilet paper and get the toilet paper on their pole before moving the next team member without dropping the pole or toilet paper. Make it harder, space team members several feet apart so they must work hard to maintain an erect pole and not lose any toilet paper.

The first team to collect all their toilet paper rolls wins or the team that collects the most rolls before losing their pole or tp wins.

Version 3. Blindfolded Stick It – Toilet Paper Roll Game Prep & Play
a. In this version, you’ll have 2 person teams but need to blindfold the person who is carrying the toilet paper. And instead up 10 feet apart player should between 6-8 feet apart.
b. For this game the blindfolded player will be directed their teammate to get the toilet player on the plunger / broom. Players can say have far apart they are, direct the player left / right and up / down.
c. The player who is not blindfolded can not move their feet or touch the blindfolded player with their hands.
d. The first team to Stick the Toilet Paper on the pole and step back so it can be confirmed wins.

Note: If this sounds to difficult allow the person who is not blindfolded to grab the hands of their teammate when they are close enough. The only thing is that the hands for both team members must remain above their shoulders. This can be helpful if guests have balance issues and makes the game a little easier.

This game is a blast and often played at bachelorette parties / bridal showers held at someone’s house. It is silly, fun and provides lot of Instagram and Facebook worthy moments.