Stud or Dud Game
Supplies: Find pictures online or in magazines, printer, Balloons, Pictures of 20 – 30 guys

This Bridal Shower, Girls Night or Bachelorette game is a fun conversation game to see what your girlfriends and friends find is attractive in a man. Basically one gals stud could be another’s dud.

Here are several variations of the Stud or Dud.

As a Game:
Print out pictures of enough guys so that everyone will be able to play Stud or Dud once. Pictures can be of real guys like the Groom, Brad Pitt, John Boyega, Adam Levine, Samuel Jackson, Aaron Rogers, professions like construction worker, office manager, handyman and even fake guys too like Homer Simpson and Mr. Clean. When you do this you will want a wide variety of studs and duds and they type of people represented.

Once you have the photos, print them out and cut out the photos. You can choose to create a deck of cards or use the balloon method. Now select a balloon and insert 1 photo in the balloon and blow it up and tie it. (If you have a pump – it is pretty easy)

Now during the game, each guest selects a balloon and pops it (or selects a picture on the pile) and announces the name of their stud or dud. Then the groups gets to discuss whether they give him a thumbs up “stud” or thumbs down “dud” decision. Whoever gets the Groom’s picture gets an extra special prize.

If a guest gets a stud they get a small gift – homemade cookie or small prize and if they gets a dud, then they get nothing.

Play as Conversion / Discussion Event – (No Balloons Needed)
You can play by having one person show the photos and then have the ladies in the group comment on whether he is a stud or a dud or you can pass out the photos folded and one by one go around the room and the person who has the photo will open it up and say Stud or Dud and they other guests will add their opinion.

In this version you can include the Grooms picture and do a special toast to the bride when his photo is picked.

It is always interesting to see who thinks Tom Cruise is hot but Ryan Reynolds is not, and so on.

Want to spice it up for a bachelorette party, then throw 5 – 6 questions into a hat like: Does this guy know how to treat a women in bed? Is he a selfish lover? Short timer or love you long time guy?

Then not only can they decide if he is a stud but you can argue the question too!

This game can also lead to a fun discussion as to what is your favorite body part on a guy.
Face, eyes, butt, abs, arms, smile…