Guess the Panties – A Bachelorette Lingerie Game
Supplies: Bag or soft pillowcase, panties / lingerie

This is a simple yet fun game for the Bachelorette and is a good ice breaker too.

Each guest is asked to bring sexy panties / lingerie for the bride-to-be as a gift. Have guests remove the tags and bring the panties / lingerie unwrapped, but make sure the Bachelorette doesn’t see guests walking around with panties.

As guests arrive or right before the game go around to each guest and collect all the panties / lingerie and have them placed in a bag or what can work nicely is a satin pillow case and the guests are asked to get their drinks and gather around.

Once everyone is set the Bachelorette is asked to reach into the bag and pull out one pair of panties. The Bachelorette then shows the panties to the guests and must then identify who bought her those panties. Remember the panties could be lacey, animal print or downright dirty but should be a reflection of the person who brought them.

If the Bachelorette correctly guesses who gave her the panties then that person takes a drink and if she guesses incorrectly then she takes a drink. (Note Drinking is Optional)

This is a fun way to get the Bachelorette Party started and get guests ready for a good night.

Guess the Panties Variation
One variation to make the game extremely naughty is to have guests bring Adult Toys / Accessories instead of Panties. Play the same way.

And in both cases the Bachelorette gets to keep all the gifts.
Thanks – Jay