Sexual Positions – A Conversational Bachelorette Game
Supplies: Kama Sutra book or photos of sexual position and good spirited friends

Sexual Positions is a fun and silly bachelorette game that is very easy to play and you can make it as creative as you wish. This game is geared towards those who have had sex, so if your group isn’t active then you may want to pass on this game.

Get a Kama Sutra book or these sexual positions cards (cover up the name of the position on the cards) and gather the gals around. If you use a Kama Sutra book select 12 – 20 positions for the game and if using the cards randomly select a sexual position from the pile.

To Play Sexual Positions Bachelorette Game
Make sure everyone has a drink and gather everyone around.

Pull one of the sexual position photos or cards and have all the women who have done that position drink a sip of there beverage.

Now the fun starts as guests who have done the position rate it as good, bad, you got to try it or never again! Then they can give tips and advice if you try it or you can move on to the next position. FYI – Set any Kama Sutra position that get rave reviews and make sure the bride-to-be knows that those are ones she should try on her honeymoon!

Continue through the sexual positions for all the rounds and have fun.

If you want you can create a game board for this as well, create penis shaped boards for each person that has ten spots on it. Starting point is at the balls and the head is the finish line. For each sexual position the girl has completed she moves her marker up the penis and the first one reach the head wins.


Sexual Positions Variation
Supplies: Sexual position cards, balloons and adventurous ladies.

Instead of just talking about sexual positions turn it into a bachelorette team game.

Divide your guests into teams and have two members from each team step forward. Now show each team a sexual position card and give them a balloon.

Now each team must re-enact the position and place the balloon where the two genitally would meet. Now when the game host says go, the teams must act out the sexual position and work to be the first team to pop the balloon.

The winning team scores a point. Play until one team scores a set amount of points. Play til 5 or 7 points.