Creative Honeymoon Story Game – Bridal Shower Ad-Lib Game
Supplies: Story creating skills, pen and paper, listening skills and a captive audience

Have fun taking words and phrases the bride uses to describe gifts to help create a fun honeymoon story.

Honeymoon Story Game Prep and Play
a. Come up with a Honeymoon story with blank spaces on a word doc. Here is an example:
When I learned that we were going to Vegas for our honeymoon I said ________________.

But then when we got to our hotel room I said _______________.

When we got in the hotel room, I took a look at him and said ____________.

We then start to change and I noticed that ______________.

So I reached over and gave him a kiss and he said ______________.

Well you get the idea, finish up the story with a few more sentences. You can make it as naughty or innocent as you wish. Once you have your Honeymoon Story / MadLib print it out, but don’t let the bride see it.

b. While she opens the gifts write down the things she says about the gifts. “I Love it,” It’s so cute,” So sexy, and so on. Once you have two or three more phrases then questions, stop recording answers and start filling in the blanks with phrases.

c. After she finishes, complete the short story about her wedding night. Include all her comments while describing exactly what will be happening on her honeymoon and then tell the bride you have a story to share with the group about her honeymoon. Then read the story.

Additional Story Theme Ideas:
Trouble in paradise (Hotel is full, constant interruptions, luggage lost)
Wild & Passionate night (If she says ohh and ahh a lot)
Dirty Sounding but Innocent Actions (Lead people to believe it is get dirty but keep it simple)

It is hilarious. (If there are children in the room or others who might not need to here the story, you can read it at her bachelorette party or ask the kids to leave.)
Thanks Jade