Bake Us a Cake Challenge – Bridal Shower Game
Supplies: Cake ingredients, cake pans, other ingredients, kitchen to cook in

This Bridal Shower game is a little more traditional, but can be very entertaining if the bride-to-be has claimed to be skilled at baking or cooking. Well now is the time to put her to the challenge and see if she can bake or not.

Bake Us a Cake Game Prep & Play
Set up a table with all the ingredients for baking a cake (use a basic cake recipe and have flour, sugar, eggs, etc) but then add a 4 – 8 extra ingredients that don’t belong in a cake (baking soda,  spices, oil, etc…).

Then supply all the tools for measuring, mixing and baking the cake. The bride is than told she must make a cake, from scratch and is not allowed to use a book or her phone. She must use her memory or just be very creative. She is allowed to select an assistant to help her and she can tell the assistant how much of each ingredient should go into the cake. And then the bride to be must mix the cake and place it in the pan.

Unless she cooks this is going to be extremely stressful, so once she has put everything together make life simple and already have the oven at the correct temperature and timer ready to go.

Guests can watch her make the cake or play a game in the other room while she tries to bake the cake.

Now while the cake is baking you can be opening gifts. When the buzzer sounds take the cake out and let it cool and then serve her the first piece. Hmm Yummy!

Most likely it will be a terrible cake, so let her take the first bite and then pull it away and bring out a real cake and share with everyone. (Be sure to have your camera / phone ready.)