Centerpiece Game
Supplies: Centerpieces and questions

The Centerpiece game is perfect for bridal showers, anniversary parties, weddings, holiday parties and any special occasions where you have tables with centerpieces.

This is a unique way to determine who gets to take the centerpiece home. While it isn’t really a game, it is a great way from guests to mingle and thank them for coming.

For this game, make up a variety of questions like the examples below and place them in a bowl or basket.
Who is the youngest person at this table?
Who is the oldest person at this table?
Whose birthday is closest to the bride or groom, (anniversary date or select a Holiday)?
Who traveled the farthest to come to the shower/party/celebration?
How many days were/have the couple been engaged, married, and so on

During the event have the bride, couple, or a host go table to table and ask one of the guests at the table to pick a question from a basket? Read the question and then have the guests answer the question. The one closest to the answer gets to keep the centerpiece. This is a great time for the bride, couple, or host to share hugs, take photos and to thank your guests.