Bridal Shower Word Scramble
Supplies: Bridal and wedding terms, scrambled, pen and paper, answer key

Bridal Shower Word Scramble is an easy game that challenges guests to figure out what wedding words or phrases the letters represent. We offer an easy diy bridal / wedding shower word scramble for your event.

Bridal Shower Word Scramble Game Prep & Play
1. First come up with a list of 15 – 25 words that apply to weddings. If you need help just visit a Bridal web site to assist you and review a wedding checklist.

Wedding Gown, reception, brides maid, groomsmen, photographer, church, etc…

2. Now create the corresponding scrambled word for each word:
Wedding gown = dinwged nowg
Reception = peterinco
Brides Maid = sbiedr dima
Groomsmen = nomoregms
and so on.

3. Then take a sheet of paper (word doc.) and number from 1 to the number of terms you have and assign the scrambled terms.

4. Save this document and print out copies for your quests, then create the answer sheet and save as another file and print out so you have the answer key ready to go.

5. Now during the shower hand out the Bridal Shower Word Scramble sheets and pens. Give the guests 3 minutes to see how many words and phrases the guests can unscramble.

6. Once you get to three minutes, ask if anyone is finished and if no one is finished give them an extra minute. At four minutes you can stop the game or add one more minutes if no one is done. Once someone has unscrambled the bridal words / phrases, no additional time is given.

7. Once time is up switch word scramble sheets, review the answers, tally the scores and a prize goes to the person to get the most correct.

Increase Difficulty 
Every one will be thinking about wedding terms but not about names (bride or groom’s last name), wedding colors or where they plan to go on their honeymoon, add these scrambled words to make it a little more challenging and personal for your event.