Couples Cotton Ball Shower Game
Supplies: Cotton Balls, spatula, large bowl

Looking for something silly, fun and involving pairs / couples, well this cotton ball game is one that will provide laughs and some fun frustration.

How to Play Couples Cotton Ball Shower Game
a. Have couples (teams of 2) sit back to back on the floor.

b. One person is given a bowl and places the bowl on top of their head. Cotton balls are spread in front of the other team member and they are given a spatula.

c. When the game host says go, the person with the spatula uses it to scoop up cotton balls from the ground and then place / toss them in the bowl. (They can not use their hands.) Each team is given 30 seconds to get the most cotton balls in the bowl.

d. Once time is up, the team that gets the most cotton balls in the bowl wins.

Couples Cotton Ball Game Variations
1. Each team goes twice, so each person can use the spatula and then add the scores together.
2. Make it a relay or race! Now you must get all the cotton balls (use 5 cotton balls if a relay) in to win or proceed with the relay.
3. Give each person a spatula. So both team members can work to get cotton balls in the bowl, however one team member must use one hand to hold the bowl and the other to move cotton balls. This version is the trickiest as the person with the bowl tends to move making it harder to get the cotton balls in the bowl.

Another Cotton Ball Game Option

Salad Tong Cotton Ball Game
Supplies: Cotton balls, salad tongs, bowls, blindfold

a. You’ll have two players per team. One is the coach and the other is blindfolded. The blindfolded sits at a table or kneels on the floor and the coach sits a few across from them. (Note the bowl and cotton balls will be between the players. You can have two teams play at the same time if you have more tongs, but it could get loud.

b. Give the blindfolded guest a pair of salad tongs and place a bowl in front of them. Before play begins touch their hand to where the bowl is located so they have a general idea.

c. Once the blindfold is in place drop 15 – 20 cotton balls in front of the blindfolded player.

d. When the game host says Go! The blindfolded player will have 30 seconds to get as many cotton balls in the bowl as possible. The Coach must tell their teammate where the cotton balls so they can pick them up with the tongs and place them in the bowl.

e. And remember players Can Only Use the Tongs to Touch the Cotton Balls – No Hands.

f. Once the teams 30 frustrating seconds are up, count how many cotton balls are in the bowl and record their score.

g. Pick up all the cotton balls and then bring in the next team, blindfold the player and drop the cotton balls again.

h. Once all the teams have gone, the team with the highest score wins. If their is a tie do a tie-breaker. Have the team compete to see who can get 5 cotton balls in the bowl the fastest. Best time wins.