For Sale Wedding Shower Game
Supplies: Paper, pen, and an idea of something to sell

Looking for some lighthearted fun that is more of an activity then a game? Well the For Sale game might be just the right activity to provide entertainment and laughter to your bridal or wedding shower. Plus after the For Sale items are written, you can read two or three at a time and space them out during the shower.

For Sale Game Prep & Play
For this Bridal Shower game everyone is given a piece of paper or card that has For Sale: _________ at the top of it and some lines to write a description about the item. Then ask each guest to think of something they own that they would like to sell. No husbands please!

Examples: A toaster, a table, microwave oven, old clothes, etc. Once they have come up with an item to sell they must write a classified advertisement for whatever they are selling.

Example: For Sale Washing Machine
For sale used washer machine for washing clothes, machine has various setting from hot to cold and works really hard to get clothes clean.

Now once they are done tell them to replace the mention of the item in the ad and replace it with the groom’s name and read their advertisement out loud. FYI – You can also ask the guests to put their name on it and place the card in a bowl once complete, and then pick out a few during the bridal shower pull a few out at a time and have those guests read their cards. Decide which way works best for your event.

So the ad would read:
For Sale John Smith
For sale used John Smith for washing clothes, John has various setting from hot to cold and works really hard to get clothes clean.

If it is a couples wedding shower, the men would write the bride-to-be’s name in the blank and women would write the groom-to-be’s name in the blank. It really is a fun wedding shower game for couples.

Now get ready to laugh! This is a blast and can work as great icebreaker at the Bridal / Wedding Shower too.
Thanks, Jennie