Don’t Cross Your Legs – Shower Game
Supplies: Legs, pins or clothespins, eagle eyes

This is a classic bridal shower / wedding shower game that those who want to play can and those who don’t can cross their legs.

Don’t Cross Your Legs Prep & Play
Everyone starts this Bridal Shower Game with one clothes pin…..or safety pin on their shirt (some where visible).

Any time someone crosses their legs during the bridal shower another player can ask for their pin. If a player with many pins crosses their legs they only loose one clothespin, not all of them. The person with the most pins by the end of the Bridal Shower….or at an allotted amount of time wins!

We usually have a cute prize for the winner. This bridal shower game is fun and allows everyone to walk around talk to each other waiting for someone to mess up and cross their legs. Thanks – Tairra