Bridal Shower Toilet Paper Games
Supplies: Toilet paper and things to say

This is a great Bridal Shower Ice-Breaker game. We have two versions of a similar game, each person takes the amount of toilet paper that they need for the bathroom but instead of using it for the bathroom they have to share stories about themselves. Another popular toilet paper shower game you can find on our site is the Toilet Paper Wedding Dress game.

Version 1
This is great for a “getting to you know you game”. Have everyone sit in a circle and pass around a roll of toilet paper. Ask everyone to pretend they were going on a weekend camping trip and they need to take as much or as little toilet paper off as they would use.
Once everyone has tore off their sheets tell them they have to tell something about themselves for every sheet they took off. For the ones who take a few pieces of toilet paper they have it easy and they ones who took a lot then they have a lot of talking to do!

Version 2
Take a big roll of toilet tissue and tell each guest to take off as much paper that they usually use when they use the bathroom. Most likely they will only take 2 -3 sheets because they are scared of embarrassing themselves.

After everyone has their handful of tissue, then you tell each guest that they have to describe a romantic night with their significant other with each sheet of toilet tissue. The more sheets they pulled the more stories they’ll share.

Fun Twists for this Game:
The person who takes the most toilet paper squares wins a small prize for being so brave!

Have everyone write their initials/name on the toilet paper squares and as they tell a story the toilet paper square is dropped into a basket. After everyone has shared the bride-to-be picks a toilet paper square and that person wins a prize. This way the person who took more squares now has a better chance of winning than the person who took 2.

Give them a Scare!
Only bring down one roll of toilet paper, before you ask them to take what they need. Now after they remove the sheets ask them to put it in their purse and let them know that this is the only roll left in the house and you were glad to see they didn’t take much.