Bridal Shower Tray Games
Supplies: Tray of household, women’s, wedding items, tray, pen and paper

Bridal shower tray game is a classic bridal / wedding shower game that involves a keen eye, good memory and sometimes a fun twist.

Bridal Shower Tray Game 1
To get started with the tray game, everyone is handed a piece of paper and a pen.
The object of the tray game is to see who can remember the most items on the tray. The bride to be brings a tray full of items is brought out with a towel over it covering the contents of the tray. The tray is uncovered and placed in the center of the room preferably on a table. The guests have exactly two minutes to look over the tray.

The tray of items can be rotated so that it can be seen from other angles but NO touching the contents. After the 2 minutes are up everyone writes down what they remember. The person who remembers the most gets a prize. To be successful Tray Game you should have a lot of things on the tray, and a complete list of what is on the tray. (some people will write down things that are not on the tray)

For the Bridal Shower tray game consider including a bottle of aspirin, lipstick, keys, invitation, garter, pen, sample size lotion, fork, pantyhose, strand of pearls, condom, picture, small book, glove, thong underwear, business card, mascara, etc… Thanks – Melvina

Once the try has been taken away by the bride to be had out a sheet with questions concerns what the bride was wearing and don’t ask a single questions about the tray.

Bridal Shower Tray Game 2
Supplies: Random objects or items associated with a wedding or honeymoon, paper, pen/pencils

The guests are told they will have two minutes to view items on a tray and need to memorize as many as they can. Then the bride carries the tray around see everyone can see the items on the tray.

Once the bride has left with the tray, and everyone is about to start writing down what they can remember, the hostess of the shower announces that she has changed the rules and to instead write down everything they can remember about the bride!  The clothes she’s wearing, jewelry, hairstyle, shoes, etc.

Meanwhile, the bride is out of site after taking the tray away. If you want to have a clear cut winner, hand out a sheet of paper with specific questions (10 -15) about the bride and have the guest answer them. Give your guest 3 minutes to answer the questions and then ask them to trade papers and invite the bride to be back in. Go over each question and the guest with the most correct answers wins.

Thanks Sarah L.