Bridal Shower Advice Game
Supplies: Paper, pen, advice and opinions

There are several types of advice games for bridal and couples wedding showers including helpful, relationship, and silly advice. Here are some advice game ideas for each.

Helpful & Relationship – Words of Wisdom Advice
Hand out pieces of paper or print marriage advice forms and request that everyone share a bit of wisdom or advice concerning Marriage Advice with the bride to be / couple. Each person then writes down through advice and one by one you go around the room and each person shares that advice and turns in the sheet of paper so the advice is not forgotten. Depending on your theme you can request serious or silly advice what ever you want.

Often Words of Wisdom Advice includes the phrase and then a few lines to allow for an answer.
Don’t Forget…

Silly Advice Shower Game
The relationship advice is sweet and heartwarming, but if your bride-to-be likes to have a little fun and enjoys a good laugh then the idea of silly advice may be perfect for her. Here is how to proceed with silly/fun advice game. Take common marriage problems and write them on the Problem Cards, then during the shower hand out the Problem Cards with space to give advice about the problem.

Have each guest write a solution for the problem they were given.
Note: Not everyone will answer the same question and that it ok, it allows you to have more questions and different ideas. We like the idea of having 3-5 cards per problem.

Sample Problems:
Advice for my husband spends to much time in the bathroom
Advice for my husband plays to much golf
Advice for my husband won’t ask for directions
Advice for my husband steals all the covers
Advice for my husband is always on his phone

After everyone has written a solution for each specific problem, gather up the answers group similar problems and have fun going over the advice / answers.