Bridal Shower Matchbook Game
Supplies: Matchbooks or little matchboxes, pen, paper and wrapping paper optional, stickers or stars

The Bridal Shower celebrates the Bride finding her perfect match. Well this game is all about social interaction and finding their match. We love the matchbook word play with this game and fit Perfect Pair shower themes and is relevant for couples who meet on!

Prepping for Bridal Shower Match Game
a. You’ll need one matchbook or box per guest, so if 20 guests number them from 1 – 20.
b. You’ll also need a bowl in which to place slips of paper with corresponding numbers, 1 number per piece of paper.
c. Then determine how many prizes you want to have for the game. We recommend that 20 – 25% of the guests win something. So if you have 20 guests you need to mark 4 or 5 matchbooks / boxes as winners. We recommend 1 or 2 good gifts and then the other prizes can be smaller.
d. Now randomly mark the inside of some matchbooks / boxes with different colored stars or stickers. (Please note you can put stars or stickers in all of the matchbooks and then only have certain star colors and stickers result in prizes. This way if someone looks early then they won’t know if they won or not, but will think they might have.)
e. Tape or wrap the Matchbooks / boxes so that guests cannot open them to see if they won.
f. Take matchbooks or matchboxes and place a number on the out side of the box.

Side Note: Matchbooks are not as common as they used to be, so if you don’t have matchbooks just fold over small pieces of paper for the game.

How to Play – Bridal Shower Matchbook Game 
Bridal Shower Matchbook Match Gamea. When the guests arrive they are they are given a Matchbook / box and they asked to select a slip of paper from the bowl, let guests know that you provide more information when all the guests have arrived.

b. Now once everyone has arrived, ask them to pull out their slip of paper and check their number.
– Now ask them to pull out their matchbook / box and check that number.
– Then ask does anyone have a Match already? (Matchbook & Slip of Paper with the same number) If yes, they win a small prize, lottery ticket or get some reward like first to get a drink.
– Then let the rest of the group know that during the Bridal Shower they will need to search for their match and need to find it during the shower. (Please note if you have any left over matchbooks or slips then the Hostess holds them during the event.) This encourages mingling throughout the shower.

c. A good time to wrap up the Bridal Shower Match game is after the Bride-To-Be has opened her gifts and you are sharing cake and dessert. At that time, ask if everyone found their matchbook and let guests know it is time to look inside their matchbook / box and see if they have a star or a sticker.

d. At this point if you put stars and stickers in everyone’s matchbook then they will think that they won something. However, then you need to announce that while everyone may have received a star or sticker not every one is a winner.
Then proceed to call out which Stars / Stickers are Winners and then hand out prizes.

Fun prizes to give out with this game would be candles or other items that would allow the winners to keep and use their Matchbook / box.

Thanks – Jessica P.