What is the White Stuff? Game
Supplies: Various kitchen items and powders (baby for baby showers) that are white, plastic bags or jars, sharpie, pen and paper

This bridal shower game is similar to the guess the spice game and could be played at a housewarming party as well.  This game is more entertaining if the bride likes to bake and cook as she will be aware of what the different items might be. What is the White Stuff should be avoided if the bride does not cook.

This game can also be played at Baby Showers where you can include baby power, formula and other white baby items as well as kitchen powders. When reviewing the instructions just replace bride / bridal shower with mom / baby shower.

White is the White Stuff Rules, Prep & Play
a. Get 10-12 different white powdery items. We recommend flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, baking soda, powdered sugar, cornstarch, cream of tartar, powdered milk, unflavored gelatin, and Bisquick. You’ll have to add a 12th one if you want it.

b. Now grab plastic zip-lock bags or glass jars, sharpie, a sheet of paper and pencil to create the master answer sheet. First number the zip-lock bag with the sharpie (or use stickers if using jars), then randomly take the first white powder, pour some in the zip-lock bag / jar, seal the bag, and write down the name white stuff next to the corresponding number on the master answer sheet.

c. Once all of the white items have be assigned a number, create your game sheet. Your What’s the White Stuff game sheet should include a place for guests to put their name and then a numbers for the white items and a blank space beside the number. Print out one sheet per player.

d. Game set up, place the zip-lock bags 2-3 feet apart if possible on a table / counter top area. You want space between them so player are not on top of each other when looking at the bags. Please Note: Guests Can Not Open the Zip-Lock Bag during the game.

One way to make the game work better is to have 3 or 4 players go at a time and have them start at different bags. This way they can move about, look at the substance and easily write their answer without someone over their shoulder. Another option, if limited for space, is to have the guests seated and pass the bags around the group.

e. Hand out What’s the White Stuff game sheets, pens, and let them know that they are going to go around to the numbered bags, point to them, look & hold them, and then write down what they believe it is.

f. Once everyone has guessed the white items, it is time to reveal what the items are and score the answers. Trade sheets and  announce the number, ask if anyone knows what it is and then reveal the white item. Give a prize to the guest who gets the most correct.

If you think that guessing the white kitchen powders will be to difficult, then list the answers on the game sheet. This way the game players will be at least have the answers, instead of blindly staring at the bags.

The score the answers as noted above, and in case of a tie just be ready with a tie-breaker question.