Baby Shower Word Scramble
Supplies: Sheet with scrambled words, pens, fast thinking

No matter how many times we play word scrambles, we are always challenged to figure out what the baby shower term is. This classic shower game is easy to create and fun to play, plus we show you two different diy Baby Shower Word Scramble gets and an online version you can purchase.

Baby Shower Word Scramble Game Prep & Play
Take common baby items and re-arrange the letters in the word, so that you don’t recognize it. Then have guests try to figure out what the word is. A variation we present is an ice breaker game that uses the mothers name as the letters that can be used to create words associated with a baby.

Version 1
Place 15 – 20 baby item word scrambles on a page. Depending on how difficult the words are give your guests 3 or 5 minutes or play until the first person announces that “I’m done!”

abby ktaebs = baby basket
ttleob = bottle
Pedria egine = diaper genie

If your crowd likes these type of challenges create several word scramble sheets that have 6 – 8 words on them.
This lets you theme the game and have several winners.
Theme Ideas:
Heading to the Hospital
Baby’s Room
Cuddly Things
Feeding Time

Version 2
Once your guests have arrived, randomly divide them up into groups of two or three people. The easiest way is just to randomly pick people who don’t know each other to be on a team, the goal is to mix everyone up so people meet each other.

Now give each team a sheet of paper with the mom-to-be’s name (It can be her first and last name) on it and let them know that they will have set amount of time (5 or 7 minutes) to come up with as many baby related terms by using only the letters found in the Mother’s name.

So if her name is Valerie Applegate they can only use these letters.
Note: You can only use the letter as often as it is used in the name, so if there is only one “g” that is all you can use.

If the name appears to be limited in options add the middle name so you have more letters.

At the end of the game, review the answers and score as follows:
Words under 5 letters = 1 point
Words 6 – 7 letters = 2 points
Words 8 – 10 letters = 4 points
Words 11 – 14 letter = 6 points
Words 15 letters and over = 10 points

Word Scoring:
“Bottle” is 6 letters
“Baby Bottle” is seen as 10 letters

Good luck and have fun.

Here is a printable Baby Shower Word Scramble you can purchase.

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