Baby Shower Bingo
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Baby Shower Bingo is one of the most popular baby shower games. As the mom-to-be opens her gifts guests mark off the items on the Bingo card and once someone gets a complete row, either 5 across, 5 down or a diagonal row, the guest can yell Bingo or Baby to announce they have a Bingo.

While some hosts have the time to create their own Baby Shower Bingo cards, not all of us do, so Party Game Ideas created a Baby Shower Bingo game for you. With gingham accents, cute baby gift images, tiny baby’s feet as the free space and a balloon and banner header this is the perfect printable Baby Shower Bingo game that provides 5 of the 25 squares and allows your guests to easily fil in the rest with our generous sized bingo squares.

Printable Baby Shower Bingo
Each Baby Shower Bingo game comes with 6 different Bingo cards of the same color, a list of 75 Baby Shower gift terms that can be used to fill in the Bingo card squares and instructions on how to play. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you, then you just need to print out your cards and get ready to play.

Baby Shower Bingo Baby Shower Bingo Game
in PinkYellow, & Blue
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Cards include 4 of the 12 gift images on the card
and each card has a different set of images.
Once guests fill in their Bingo card no two will be alike.
Sheet of Baby Shower Bingo Gift Terms
Game Instructions

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Tips for Do It Yourself Baby Shower Bingo
Make up a blank bingo card on 8 1/2 X 11 paper and make copies, 1 per guest plus a some extras just in case. Each card has five columns and five rows. Make sure the boxes are large enough that the guests can fill them in themselves. (This will save you lots of time.)

Then on another sheet of paper come up with 100 baby related items, you may want to use the gift registry to get ideas for your list. Before you play you need to have each guest fill in their 25 blank spaces with any of the baby items on the list of 100 in any order.

Then, without telling the guests ahead of time, have them play bingo while the mother to be opens her gifts. Every time that she opens one of the gifts the guests mark off that gift on their bingo card. The first to bingo either up and down, across or diagonally wins.
Thanks – Diana

With a small shower, consider reducing the list from 100 items down to 75 baby items. Also be prepared that someone may not win at Baby Shower Bingo, so be ready to continue the game if all the gifts have been opened. You would do this by have someone be a caller and then randomly picking out items from the list. (have this ready to go before the shower just in case you need it.) then the first to get Bingo wins a prize. :

Here are some additional Baby Shower Bingo games from another company. They offer personalization and have the bingo squares filled in.

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