Baby Pool Guessing Game
Supplies: Printable slips, sheet with predictions, printer

While births are a little less unpredictable in this day an age, it is still fun to guess the arrival of the new bundle of joy!

Baby Pools are a fun guessing game where people guess when the baby will arrive. But just guessing the date is not enough as you may have several people with the same date. Be sure to request a variety of information to ensure that no two answer slips will be the same.

You should also prioritize that order of Baby Pool information:
Date, Sex of Baby (if unknown), Weight and then Length
So if two or more people have the same date, then see if they have the same date and Sex, if two or more people have the same Date and sex, then you see who was closest to the weight of the baby and if this is a tie then use the length as a tie breaker.

On a sheet of paper ask the questions:
Date of Birth:

Let guests know you are doing a Baby Pool and guests can participate for per entry $5. Winner gets half of the pot! Guests that want to participate give the money and submit there entry form.

After the event, a sheet should be sent out that contains everyone guesses. Often the Baby Shower host or mom-to-be holds on the funds and then after the birth an email is sent out announcing the winner

Note: You can all make this a fund raiser as well and ask for to give $1 or $5 to the baby Guess. Then when the baby is born the person closest to being correct wins ½ of all funds collected and the new mom gets ½. In this scenario make sure you have phone numbers or emails so you can notify the winner.