Hang the Laundry Baby Shower Game
Supplies: 1 or 2 clotheslines, clothes, babydoll, cell phone, clothes pins, ample space

There once was a time when everyone hung their laundry out to dry, but today very few people have a clothesline and the skills to quickly hang clothes on a line. Hang the Laundry is a fun and active game, that will challenge guests to perform this bygone tasks with efficiency and speed.

Hang the Laundry Game Prep & Play
a. First conform to see if you have space to hang one or (if considering a relay race) two small but sturdy clothesline inside. We recommend you do test run for this game as you don’t want the line to come down during the game. Sometimes people have played the game in a garage or outside using a real clothesline.

b. You’ll need a variety of things to hang on the line including baby onesies, blankets, socks, hats, burp towels and other baby items. You’ll want 12 – 15 items, double if you play with two clotheslines. Tip: Try to borrow clothes from other moms. Last you’ll need clothespins, at least 2 per item for the game (so 30-40 if playing one line and 60-80 if two lines).

c . Hang a clothes line or two in your home or outside, then have a pile of baby clothes, blankets and clothes pins in a laundry basket and let guests know that each guest will be asked to go to the clothes line from the starting point and then hang the clothes on the clothes line (sounds easy enough) once they are all hung they must then return to the starting line to finish the task. If this is a couple’s shower the guys will think this is easy.

d. But there is a catch! Surprise, you must carry a baby with you in one hand. Ok, still not that bad and then say aaaannnndddd… you must also carry a cell phone (use an old one or a child’s toy cell phone) in the other hand.

e. You can determine a winner one of two ways.
1. Fastest time to complete hanging and return to the starting line – Stopwatch needed.
2. Person to have the most clothes hung in 30 seconds or 1 minute! (In this case have tons of clothes)

Hang the Laundry Variation
For a couples shower instead of having one person go at a time. Each couple must work together using just one hand.

They need to stand side by side and place the inside hand around each others waist, this will allow the outside hand to be free for working together to hang clothes. Play either fastest time or most clothes hung in a specific amount of time.

This is really tough but also a blast.