Baby Animal Match Game
Supplies: Baby and adult animal names, paper, printer, pen

Game don’t get much cuter and easier than this. Just the idea of cute baby animals is often enough to the new mom and her girlfriends swoon just a little and all you need to do is match the baby with the adults of the species.

Baby Animal Match Game Prep & Play
a. Create a list of animal and the names of their babies.
Cat – Kitten, Deer – Fawn, Owl – Owlet and so on.

b. Make a line for people to place their name at the top of the page.
Then make a list of baby animals on one side (Numbered 1 to however many you have)
Make a list of the animal names on the other side (Lettered a through however many you have)

c. Once you have your sheet created print out one copy per guest and then during the shower hand out the sheets and pens.

d. Let you guests know they will have 4 minutes to try to match up babies listed on one side with the parents / adults listed on the other side.

e. Once 4 minutes are up, pens down and then score the sheets. (You can trade sheets if you wish or guests can score their own.) Once scored, the guest with the most correct wins.