What’s in the Dirty Diaper?
Supplies: Diapers, candy bars, game sheet, pens

What is better than sticking your face in a smelling diaper? Well it is taking pictures of people sticking their noses into diapers. This game combines your favorite candy smashed into a baby’s diaper. This a favorite couples showers.

What’s in the Dirty Diaper Game Prep & Play
a. Get a variety of candy bars. You’ll want between 8 – 12 candy bars.

b. Get the same amount of diapers as you have candy bars. Then number the diapers from 1 to 10 (or whatever the number of diapers are) with a pen or sharpie.

c. Next place 1 candy bar (with wrappers still on) in each diaper and then make your Answer Key – Diaper 1 – Write down candy bar, then do the next diaper and so until you have recorded what bar is in what diaper.

d. Now go back and remove the wrappers from the candy bars and place a piece of the candy bar in the diaper. The game is now to just before game time.

e. Just prior to playing the game you are going to need to melt (using microwave) and smash the candy bar in the diaper. Most people get an assistant to help with this game as you must melt, smash and sometimes melt again so you don’t know what the candy bar is. FYI – Set your microwave for 10 – 15 seconds, best to need more time than to burn the candy bar. Once the candy bars are all melted and placed on a table, you are ready to play.

Option: Some people create a game sheet for the game that includes, Name, Numbers and a blank space for writing down the candy bar. You can create one or just have each person write down the numbers and answers.

f. Hand out paper and pens so guest can write down the diaper number and what candy they think is in the diaper. Then pass the diapers with the smashed candy in it around the rooms, each guest must examine and smell the contents of the diaper to determine what the candy it is.

g. Once everyone has written down their answers. You will reveal What was in the Dirty Diapers one at a time and guests will score their answers. The guest with the most Dirty Diapers right wins a small prize.

Note: Have your camera ready for this game; you will get some priceless pictures not soon to be forgotten.


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