100 Years of Baby Name Trivia Game
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Have you decided on the baby’s name? It’s one of the most popular questions mom-to-be get asked, and while there are thousands of name it is interesting that the same names can remain popular for decades while other baby names just a few years. We were intrigued by how baby names have changed over the decades and yet in many cases the top boys and girls baby names remain the same!

One of the best examples is look back at the top 30 baby names in the 1910’s and 2010’s and you’ll find several names from 100 years ago that are popular today. You’ll also find that some of the baby names that are moving towards the Top Ten today peaked decades ago. We’ve found this is not uncommon as families look to honor relatives and continue traditions.

Printable 100 Years of Baby Name Trivia Game
Party Game Ideas 100 Years of Baby Name Trivia pulls together 18 Baby Name Trivia questions that include popularity, pop culture, interesting facts and more. These sweet questions make for a fun and interesting baby shower game. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. .

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Our Baby Name Trivia is a unique, because we didn’t just ask you and your guests to list off or choose the top baby names of a specific decade. We compared, research and came up with a unique mix of baby name trivia questions that reference Superheros, The Golden Girls, This is Us, unique name trends, past and current names and more. Here is an example of a boys baby name question.

“Michael was the number one boy’s name for 38 years. In 1999, what name replaced Michael? a. Ethan, b. Christopher, c. Jacob, d. Matthew.”

Do you the answer? Some may know it right away, but for most it will be a challenge. This Baby Name Trivia game is fun and entertaining and unlike any Baby Name quiz we’ve seen online. So purchase our Baby Name Trivia game now and have a unique game for your baby shower.

Estimated Length of Baby Advice Game: 12 – 18 minutes

100 Years of Baby Name Trivia is one of the sweet printable games we have created. Our Baby Name game design has a soft yellow edge with little baby items, like a stroller, diapers, socks, and more to give it a baby’s touch. The questions include lots of baby names that are likely to be names your guests will recognize – Doris, Mildred, Sophie, Rose, Michael, Emma, Jennifer, Andrew, Matthew and many more. This helps guests connect to the game in a way that other games just don’t. Don’t be surprise to hear, “I love that name,” or “That’s my mom’s, grandmother’s, dad’s or uncle’s name.” 

This baby shower game is special and touching, and if the mom-to-be hasn’t shared the baby’s name yet, she or the new parents just might after play 100 Years of Baby Name Trivia. 

We hope you purchase and enjoy our 100 Years of Baby Name Trivia it makes a wonder baby shower game and baby sprinkle game for both baby boys and girls. Hopefully this heartwarming activity will allow your guests and the new mom/parents to share special memories together. Thank you letting us share the moment with you. 

Want to check out how your name or the mom-to-be’s name ranks to use as a tie-breaker, visit the government’s baby name site with decade and more information .