Baby Traits Game for Baby Showers

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26 Baby Traits that guests must decide which parent (mom or dad) they wish the trait would come from!

Often before the birth a baby, you’ll hear comments like “I hope she has her mother’s eyes.” or “I hope the baby laughs like his dad.” We want the new bundle of joy to carry on the best traits of both parents, but what do the parents want?

With our printable Baby Traits game for Baby Showers you’ll know whether the mom or dad want the baby to have their hair, driving skills, dance moves or laugh or their partners. Plus we’ve created 2 game sheets, 1 for Mommy and 1 for Daddy so you can choose which game to play at the baby shower.

Printable Baby Traits Game
Party Game Ideas Baby Traits – Mommy or Daddy game has 26 baby traits that range from parts of the body, personality, and skills. It makes for an entertaining game. Just purchase and the PDF file will be emailed to you. .

Baby Traits Game for Baby Showers

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Baby Traits Game
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26 Baby Traits
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Our cute Baby Traits game is sure to be a fun and sincere baby shower game, that might cause a few raised eye-browses at co-ed shower. While this game is traditionally play by asking the Mom-to-be which traits she prefers, we added a second sheet so you can get the dad’s opinion and let the new mommy play along too. Hopefully this will lead to laughter and not fights.

Estimated Length of Baby Advice Game: 12 – 15 minutes

Baby Traits is a sweet baby shower that reflects on the physical, skills and various traits that everyone has and allows the mom or dad to choose from which parent they hope that trait comes from. 

It is often played with the mom-to-be selecting the trait and each guests tries to match her answer. Often the mom shares the reason for her selection, which often makes guests say “ooohhh” or “that is so sweet.” We like the tradition, but we also wanted to give baby shower hosts a chance to change things up and ask the dad to supply the answers and that way the mom can play along too. So this game can work for mom only showers and co-ed showers as well.

We hope you purchase and enjoy our printable Baby Traits game and share special memories with the new mom and/or parents. Thank you letting us be part of your Baby Shower.