Safety Pins in Rice Game
Supplies: Rice, safety pins (some people use paper clips), timer

This game is harder than it sounds and tends to be extremely competitive as guests try to find all the pins in the rice in 30 or 45 seconds. One of the best things about Pins in Rice is that it is easy to put together.

Pins in Rice Game Prep & Play
a. Get a large bowl, 30 – 50 safety pins (all in the closed position), and a pound or two of uncooked rice.

b. Mix the safety pins with the rice in the bowl.

c. Have the guest sit down and instruct them that they must go through the rice and find as many safety pins as possible and pull them out within the 30 or 45 second time limit.

d. Set the bowl down in front of them and place the blindfold on and when the game host says go, they can begin searching through the rice and pulling out safety pins.

e. Once time is up, the player stops search, can remove the blindfold and count how many safety pins the pulled out. Once the pin total has been recorded the pins are mixed back into the rice and the next player prepares to take their turn. Continue play until all guests have taken a turn.

f. The host records each persons total and the person who pulled out the most safety pins from the rice wins.

Pins in Rice Relay Variation
Limited on bowls and want a team game? Well consider Pins in Rice Relay game. 

Have your group form teams of 3-5 players. Then have one bowl for each team and the same number of safety pins in each bowl, say 15 (adjust as needed).

Start the game by have one player from each team, go to the bowl of rice and search for a safety pin. Once they find one they place it outside the bowl, return to the team and tag the next player. The next team member heads to the rice to search for a pin and when they find it pulls it out and sets it in the safety pin pile. They then return to the team and send the next player to repeat the process. 

Play continues until all the safety pins have been found. The team to do it first wins. 

Safety Pin Alternative
1. Over the years, we have gotten emails asking about alternatives to safety pins. One item that can be used that is similar in size to a safety pin without having a point is a paper clip.

2. Another idea is the little babies that are used in the game My Water Broke. These little plastic babies are easier to find in the rise but are still a challenge. the can be purchased online or at party stores. FYI – If you use the babies for your Pins in Rice game be sure make sure you allow only 30 seconds to search for them or you may have guess finding all the babies.