Picasso Baby Game
Supplies: Picture of a baby, large drawing pad (office size), easel if possible, tape, pen / markers, paper, and a Judge “the Mom-to-Be”

This abstract baby shower drawing game is sure to make you re-think how you look at babies. Have fun with this drawing game that mixes in some elements of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Picasso Baby Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll want a to set up a large drawing pad, blindfold, picture of a baby and pens or markers ready at the front of the room.

b. Have your guests form a line and show each guest the same picture of a baby. The Mom-to-be is also shown a picture of the baby and then she is escorted out of the room.

c. One by one, the guests get blindfolded, spun around three times, and directed to the large paper pad which can be on a table or an easel where they will have 1 minute to draw the baby that they saw in the picture.

Please be sure to have any table or walls covered to protect them! Now the guest will complete the baby drawing as best they can and once done you place a number at the bottom corner and keep track of what guest completed what picture.

d. Place the picture on the wall with tape and bring the mom-to-be back into the room. Let her know that talented artists have drawn pictures of this beautiful baby and here are the results.

We are having an art competition and you have been selected the judge to determine the winner of our art competition.

e. Once the mom-to-be select her favorite one, that person is announced and the winner gets a prize.
Thanks – Laura