Baby Shower Fact or Fiction Game
Supplies: Pregnancy, baby, new mom facts and popular myths – fiction, paper and pen

You can find lots of pregnancy, baby and new mom facts and myths online. Some myths are so popular that people think that they are true. Well, use those facts and fake facts to make up a Fact or Fiction baby shower game.

Baby Shower Fact or Fiction Game Prep & Play
a. This game does require time and research. First you must pregnancy and baby facts (8 – 12) and then find common pregnancy (easier to find) and baby myths (8 -12). FYI – If you find a lot of facts and not so many myths, just change a bit of a fact and make it fiction!

b. Once you find fact and fiction statements, write them up and leave a blank space after each statement where guests can write Fact or Fiction. Remember you’ll want to mix up the fact and fiction statements.

c. When making your game sheet, remember to ask guests to write their name on the sheet or list Name at the top of the page.

d. During the shower had out your Truth or Fiction game with pens and ask guests to decide whether the pregnancy or baby fact is fact or fiction. Give guests 4 – 5 minutes to complete the game sheet.

e. Once time is up, one by one go over the statement and announce if it is fact or fiction. Those that get the answer correct score 1 point. After all the answers have been revealed, tally the points and then award the person who got the highest score a prize.

f. If there is a tie. Use a tie-breaker that might be very difficult to answer in less then 10 – 15 seconds. Example: How many ounces does the average newborn in the US weigh?

Here are some examples, but be sure to check just in case the facts have changed.

a. More babies are born on Mondays than any other day of the week.
False – The most popular day of the week for births is Tuesday and the least popular is Saturday.

b. 99% of US births occur in a hospital.

c. A headstand after sex will help a woman in getting pregnant.
Myth, it may give her a pain in the neck but it will not help her get pregnant.

Good luck and have fun.