Baby Shower Rubber Ducky Race
Supplies:  Rubber duckies, baby bath tub, finish line

Few things make people think of bath time the way, rubber duckies do. Now you can bring the joy of rubber ducks and bath time to your baby shower via a fun and silly bathtub game.

Baby Shower Rubber Ducky Race Game Prep & Play
a. Get 2 baby baths (one can be given as a gift and you can borrow the other) fill with water and then tape a ribbon at the other end of the baby tub.

b.Now hand out rubber ducks to guests and tell them they are going to help this little ducky get home! This will be accomplished by helping the crossing the pond with the help of their moms – You! Guests can’t use their hands but can only blow on the duck.

c. You’ll want heats of two people, one per tub. Now name who will compete against each other:
Sally vs. Jenn, April vs Colleen, etc… and the winner moves on to compete again.

d. When names are announced, the women must place the rubber duck at the end opposite the finish line and when the hostess says go begin blowing to move the duck towards the finish line. The first duck to touch the finish line is the winner. The winner of each heat moves on until you have a champ.