Bridal Shower Tray Games
Supplies: Baby items, tray, pen and paper

The Baby Shower tray game is in a way the ultimate baby shower memory game as guest need to spot things and remember them, while those that have played the game before will also be checking out what the mom-to-be is wearing just in case there is a twist in the game.

Bridal Shower Tray Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need a large tray and 15 – 25 different baby items to place on the tray.

Examples of tray contents (small items or sample size) – pacifier, baby spoon, bib, diaper, Q-tips, thermometer, diaper rash tube, baby powder, baby sock, pen, invitation, fork, baby comb, ball, regular or plastic keys, can opener, jar of baby food, barrette, extra large safety pin, crayon or small box of crayons… etc

b. You’ll name to create a Baby Shower Tray Game sheet or give guests a piece of paper and pen. They will need to write there name and items on the game sheet. The game sheet should have “Name: _____” at the top of the page and then two columns of lines (_______), where guests can write in their answers.

c. Game Play: Hand out the game sheet and pens. Let your guests know you will be playing a game. Without defining the game have the mom-to-be walk in with the tray and let the guests know they need to pay attention to what is going on.

d. The mom-to-be brings a tray full of items with a towel over it covering the contents of the tray. The tray is uncovered and placed in the center of the room preferably on a table. The guests have exactly two minutes to look over the tray. The tray of baby items can be rotated so that it can be seen from different angles but NO touching the contents. After two minutes the mom picks up the tray and leaves the room. NO PHONES OR TAKING PHOTOS of THE TRAY.

e. Then announce that this is a memory game and everyone has two minutes (or three if you feel generous) to write down as many of the baby items that they remember see who can remember from the tray.

f. After two or three minutes are up, pencils down. The mom and tray return to the room and one by one you pull items off the tray, see if people had them and then score 1 point for each correct answer. The person with the most points wins.

FYI – It is better to have to many items on the tray than to few. If you are stuck, go to your pantry add some sugar & spices to the mix.

Baby Shower Tray Game – Memory Break
Often with this game, guests are ready to start writing as soon as the Mom leaves the room. Well, stop them in their tracks by forcing everyone to stand up and recite the abc’s or sing a song like Row, Row, Row your Boat for thirty seconds. Once you are done with the abc’s or singing, then ask everyone to sit down and start writing items from the tray. The short break should make it a little harder to remember items and changes the game up a little.

Baby Shower Tray Game Was It on the Tray?
Another version of the tray game is Was It on the Tray? Before you play this game, make sure you placed numbers on the game sheet. This way as you ask questions Number 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on, the can place the answer in the correct location so you can score it.

Rather than ask have guests write down what they think was on the tray, the game host asks was this item on the tray. Guest must then write Yes or No. In this version you’ll want a lot of items off the of various sizes and you’ll want to exclude some items.

Have 12 – 15 questions about what was or wasn’t on the tray, then score the game sheets and award a prize to the winner.

Baby Shower Tray Game Switcheroo!

After the mom leaves with the tray of baby items, guest will be ready to write down all the items on the tray. But instead of letting them start, ask them to turn in their game sheets and then hand out new ones that have 10 – 12 questions about what the new mom was wearing.

Guests get 2-3 minutes to answer the questions about the new mom and when time is up, pencils down and the mom comes in the room and the game sheets are scored. Most correct answers wins.