101 Baby Shower Taboo Cards

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Baby Shower Taboo is the fun baby shower word association game that challenging guests to think quickly and choose their words wisely. This shower game is great for competitive groups and is funny at co-ed showers if you play guys vs. gals as the guys may not know what some of the items are and just start making things up.

We’ve come up with 101 baby and pregnancy related words and phrases that guest must describe without using the main word or the taboo words. If they do they’ll get buzzed and lose a point! Play standard taboo rules or give each player a set amount of time to get as many cards as possible in a limited time frame. The host can decide which works best for your baby shower.

Printable Baby Shower Taboo Game
Party Game Ideas printable Baby Shower Taboo game comes with 101 game cards and 6 blank cards so you can add any terms or phrases that might be relevant to the mom-to-be like unique cravings, pet names or fun terms she uses to describe the baby. We made everything easy just purchase and the PDF file link will be emailed to you.

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Our Baby Shower Taboo game has a variety of baby, new-mom and pregnancy terms and we tried to include fun and often overlooked terms for this game. You and your baby shower guests will find this game challenging as we have tried to include all the terms that are best associated with the term on the taboo word list. As you play this baby shower game, guest will become more create and if the game is close competitive and ready to buzz that buzzer if a taboo terms is spoken. Baby Shower Taboo is fun for regular and co-ed baby showers.

Estimated Length of Baby Advice Game: 15 – 25 minutes

This Baby Shower Taboo works well for small and medium sized showers. We have found this is especially fun for the ladies to play it during co-ed showers since many of the men in attendance won’t know what some of these items are and they will say random words or phrases just to say something. Give it a try and enjoy a good chuckle. 

Game Variation: Play as a “One Clue Game.” While you can play this game taboo style you can also use the cards to play a guess the word game too. In this game the player can read one of the taboo terms (their choice) and the team is allowed one guess. If correct they get 3 pts., if wrong a second clue is given and if they get a correct answer they get 2 pt. If they don’t get it correct, they can give one more clue and if correct, they get 1 pt. However if they miss the opposing team gets a chance to earn a pt. if they get it correct.

Once a turn is complete, score and then the next team takes their turn . Play until everyone take a turn or play to a specific point total 

We hope you purchase and enjoy our Baby Shower Taboo game and share special memories with the new mom and/or parents. Thank you letting us share the moment with you. 

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