What’s in the Diaper – Discovery Game
Supplies: Baby items, diapers, pen, paper and a soft touch

A sense of good touch is need for this baby shower discovery game, where guest need to determine what baby is in the diaper. This is a simple, yet clever game that will have many guests puzzled.

What’s in the Diaper Game Prep & Play
a. You’ll need to pull together 10 – 15 different baby items.
Examples: Teething Ring, baby bottle, pacifier, baby shoe, jar of baby food, rattle, etc…

b. The get a diaper for each item. Now lay out the diaper and place the item on top of it.

c. Fill the diaper and create the master answer sheet. Grab the 1st diaper and item. Write down the item on the answer sheet next to number 1. Now place the baby item in the diaper and secure it using the tabs, also tape the leg holes shut so you can’t see in them. Now label the diaper with a No. 1 on the outside.

d. Continue to do the same thing with the other baby items; record, place in diaper and number.

e. For game play, give you guests a game sheet and pen where they can write down their answers. Guests will go to a table / counter where the diapers are numbered and laid out and need to determine what the item is inside the diaper.

f. Give guests a set amount of time to determine what the item is, we recommend 15-20 seconds. Then they must write down the answer. Then they move on to the next item.

g. Once everyone has gone, score the answers and reveal what was inside the diaper. The player with the most correct wins. Have a tie-breaker ready just in case there is a tie.