What’s in Mommy’s Purse? – Baby Shower Purse Game
Supplies: Purses, list of items found in purse

What’s in Mommy’s Purse is a variation of What’s in Your Purse game that awards points for items found in your purse. This version focuses on what is in the mom’s purse since getting ready for childbirth changes the things you carry around with you.

What’s in Mommy’s Purse? Game Prep, Play, Options
First Rule of this Game, make sure that the Mom-to-be is ok with the game host going through her purse. If she is not, there is no game. Best to know before you spend the time, preparing for it.

a. What’s in Mommy’s Purse – Seated Game
Have everyone in the room grab their purse including the Mom-to-be and take a seat.

Now let everyone know that you are going to play the What’s in Mommy’s Purse game, where you will pull out items from the Mom to be’s purse and if a guest has that item in their purse they earn a point.

Various Scoring methods:
a. First person to raise their hand with the object in their hand gets a point. (Focus is on speed)
b. All people who have raised their hand within 30 seconds get a point. (Focus is on matching items in Mom’s purse)

You will want a list of about 12 – 15 items and it is easier if you have 10 items on a list to look for and then random things found in her purse. The odder the items the better. The guest with the most points wins.

b. Active Game Option
Sit everyone in a big circle at a table, in chairs or on the floor so that there is a center. Basically you want everyone to be an equal distance from the center. If this is not possible we have a variation for this.

Now ask everyone to grab their purse and take a seat. Now take an empty plate, paper plate preferably, and you put it down in the middle of the room. Inform the guests that you are going to read a list of items and the first person to place that item on the plate scores a point and at the end of the game the person who has the most points wins a prize.

Prize options: Have a small prize every round or have each round be worth a raffle ticket and at the end of the game those with a raffle ticket have a chance to win the prize.

You will need to create a list of items that are found in a purse, you may also want to include a few not so common items too.

Drivers license, pen, receipt, checkbook, credit card, a quarter, spoon, lipstick, hand cream, condom, etc… you can get a little wild depending on the group.

The baby shower hostess calls these things out one at a time and the first person to rifle through their purse, find the item and put it on the plate gets a point. (see prize options above)

FYI – Be sure to remove the object off the plate before the next object is called. It is important so you get a clear view of whose thing gets on the plate first since it could be a scramble.

At the end if you want to give out a prize you can either do it to the person with the most items thrown down first wins….or if the room is divided into two with chairs you can work it as a team effort and give the half of the room that threw down the most things first as the winners.

Large Group Option – Instead of placing items on a plate, tell guests they must have the item in their hand and held above their head and state I have “___.” This way no one will get injured diving for the plate. Also have a penalty for those people who yell out they have it before they have it in their hand. (Maybe have them do something silly – this will reduce false claims.)

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